Day 3


They say in China ‘Once you have been to the Great Wall, you are then one of the heroes’. Therefore I am now a hero!

Today I have been on such a high, not only in spirits but by climbing to the top of the Great Wall, Juyongguan. Not everyone made this, Zoe and I were proud to say we were amongst the few! This was a trek, I wish I knew how many steps we climbed, they were steep, slippery and very uneven. The sweat was masked by torrential rain which was actually seen as a blessing in disguise! The wall itself was incredible, the photos do not do it justice! I was very lucky to share the experience with a fellow camp teacher who had studied History at University therefore gaining a much deeper understanding of the wall.

Over lunchtime we visited the factory where the 2008 Olympic Games medals were made, this was a jade factory. The only way you can get into Jade making is if it’s in the family or you marry into it, a very niche trade to make fortunes! This was followed by a traditional Chinese banquet in the banqueting hall which was outstanding!

This afternoon we visited the Summer Palace, this was the residence for the Emperor and Empress throughout the Summer months. Within the palace we ventured down the longest corridor in the world which was 720metres long! Unfortunately our trip was cut short as a fellow camp teacher took a fall down the ramp the empresses guards carried her down the stairs on. This really proved how much people at camp stick together and really look out for each other, you know you’re in safe hand when a sea of teachers rush to the scene. An ambulance was called and the poor girl was taken to hospital, fingers crossed she’s not done too much damage!

Tonight’s activities of visiting the Olympic Stadium or going to the centre of Beijing were cancelled due to being back too late. So it’s late dinner in the restaurant and drinks on the terrace, fine by me!

P.s today I got stopped for 5 pictures today 😂