Day Four 

Today we went Tea Tasting, with not liking English Tea you can imagine how this went down… I loved it! I completely shocked myself, the fruit tea I loved was actually nicknamed ‘baby tea’. We sampled 5 traditional Chinese Tea’s of which I felt I could drink 2 on a regular basis, result.

Before Tea Tasting we visited the Temple of Heaven which was built entirely of wood in 1420, a very impressive building. This was built for the Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to worship the God of Heaven as he believed his power came directly from him. Yet again torrential rain which encouraged the Chinese to enforce their health and safety procedures… wet floor signs outside 😂

This afternoon we visited Tian’an men Square which after Liberation has become the symbol of New China. We also visited the Forbidden City which is 720,000 square meters, the largest political complex in the world! The front of the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) in Tian’an men Square stands a portrait of Chairman Mao, please see the picture, this is my group.