Day 5

Today is the big day, travel to camp day! The nerves are setting in as we realised this wasn’t just a sightseeing adventure, we’re actually here to do a job and fulfill a role. We set off at 7:30am from our lovely Holiday Inn, Beijing and embarked on our 5 hour journey to Qinhaungdao, a port city on the coast of China in northeastern Hebei province. The future was unknown, we were told not to have high expectations. The journey was long and hot, the only stop we had definitely did not prove us wrong! Service stations in China aren’t a place I would like to visit often.

Upon arrival into Qinhuangdao we were pleasantly surprised and the hotel has definitely exceeded expectations, it’s on par with the Holiday Inn we had sadly left!

We then took the bus to camp, we took a tour and found our classrooms, I decorated with Union Jacks and posters, hopefully this will remind me it’s mine, whether i’ll be able to find it again I’m unsure! We had introductions with our Chinese Teaching Assistants and time to look over our planning. Then it was first to the printers and photocopiers… chaos! The whole experience was rather overwhelming, but I think I’m ready for the morning! We’re now heading back to the hotel for an early night, wish me luck for tomorrow!

P.S today has been a quiet day for pictures, however we did get a lovely welcome from the Camp Teaching Assistants!

Over and out.